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this is the surface

where all reactions take place

we extend the surface

in order for things to happen

the events and the surface


we break the surface

and the fractions

again all have their own surface

we love the thin border between inside and out

we love hard ware mechanics


whirling wind

first movement

enters my field of vision

a nice landscape

chaos in the mind – strange attractors

she was tempted to walk along with the tumbleweed

the movement of the sand

in the early sea

imprinted itself

into every biomolecule

knock knock knocking the soot in the design

the grains in the skin made the girls strong

joints are highways

they must be guarded

a wild solution

movement that first

led to mixing

now leads to separation


what, in the grains of sand in the girls’ skin, is of any concern to me

here? what, in the movement of the air carrying the sand over the sea

up the mountains then lays it down on alpine meadows rough grass

covered with snow, the girls slipped caught-does the sand dry the skin

does it bury her under thick layers of ice, glaciers that are melting now

have been melting for a century, is released with cloak pouch and tattoo

– nods, a canister, cuts and radiates, attracts the pick of scientists, the

movement drags on until the whirling breaks, fingertips ridges a loop

pattern, irregularities across the current – will the sea ebb away or will

she surge, how does the desert beetle collect dew, how does the

kalithistle move? will the sand join the sand of the sea, will she churn

all molecules to the left in a circular motion until she rises and breaks?

and underneath the skin a space where linear molecular chains can

rise up to the surface and heal the catastrophe?

this poem was published in De Gids_5 (2010)