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madame Bartleby

tahrir square/photo Mina Seif / Ramy Raoof

madame Bartleby

i would rather stay here, she said

i would rather not stray to the edge of the square

here in the centre, i like it better

i would rather stay here

certainly not move an inch

rather not wear that red dress

now is no time to dance



girls and women, including female reporters, are being expelled, with (sexual) violence, from streets and squares during the Tahrir Squareميدان التحرير  protests in 2011 en 2013

* about Bartleby, read Herman Melville’s story, Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall-street (1853):”In this very attitude did I sit when I called to him, rapidly stating what it was I wanted him to do—namely, to examine a small paper with me. Imagine my surprise, nay, my consternation, when without moving from his privacy, Bartleby in a singularly mild, firm voice, replied, “I would prefer not to.””


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