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if in this fruhling like a fall

if in this frühling like a fall

the prices of a barrel of crude oil

keep fluctuating

and we between hope and fear

in any other chilisaltpeter

keep contemplating

the unpredictable behavior

in les marchés libres

than we prefer to keep ignoring

the news of the next crash, the next

bailout situation


if these frühling revolutions

have been displaced by rude sieges

they don’t want to play they want to keep winning

and we don’t recall

what the occupy chorus was singing

obstructed by the drone

of unmanned air vehicles

that here and there

in certain zones

as it were where no one can reach

assassinate certain state enemies

when then our minds are firmly made up

and we our feeble moods entrust

to the newest self medication

or meditation

it behooves us to take a vacation


if in this frühling in the winter

the seasons aren’t fixed, they are free

they they’ve broken out

like a bonanza of clouds

as waste incinerator vapors

and bonus contrails

translate the regular sky panorama

into a vaudeville

when clouds have been described

in atlas and nomenclature

seasons in fairy tales and geography

it behooves us to pluck

the collected prey away

before the hardnecked harvard geniuses

trade them for every little cumulus kiss

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